Nitish’s Caste-less Bihar

Nitish Kumar recently, clearly staated that the issue / matter of caste is now is in back-burner.
And caste is no longer an issue in the society of Bihar. People are now concerned about development more than their right. And his so-called developement process, a new renaisse, should be continue at any cost.

There is no need to enquire about the mind-set and compulsion of Nitish Kumar statement. To
some extent he is right but from other angle he is completely wrong and seems to be a superfluous man.

And thus this statement is due to his hypocratic shrewdness. It seems that he is now became prey of same virus which has structed Laloo Prasad during his minister in Rail, viz the problem of ‘megamania’ However, his statement has raised several questions! whether, he would answer that why still 99% marriages are conducted in the same caste, if the caste is no longer an issue. Whether Brahman will marry to Paswan or Swarna would marry to Jusadhs / Dalit ? Whether there would be mass marriages between Sayyaida-Pathas-Mallicks-Shaikhs and Halal Khor- Pamariya-Julaha-Kasab ? then why he has made such a childish and unpractical statement?

Further, is there any forwards Hindu or any party which will demand modification in ‘vedas’,
manu smirti, ‘Gita’. Even those people would be enough rational, who demands removal of words
like ‘kafir’, ‘Jihad’ etc. form the Quran. The same people will demand removal words like ‘Chandala, ‘Shudras’ from their religions text books.

Infact, development has many para meters and it could be been from many angles. We should
avoid beeing from only our own mirror. Thus it could be of many forms, such.

(i) Material development:- Which includes development construction and building of roads’,
electricity, supply water, drainage system, low & order, park, maulls, markets, bridge, apartments, competerised system etc. In this sphere, Nitish Govt. has of couse done good work and should be prised. Infact in this prespective he should be condidate of P.M. in next election from the front of NDA.

(ii) Social development :-
Includes development of deprived section of people, particularly who belongs to backward & dalit classes & minorities. Unfortunetly, these classes are now more suppressed than during the period of Laloo Prasad. There is less MPS, MLAS and ministers in comparision of latter government. Even in comparision of last election, there is a clear substraction of depressed classes. Non-Swarna were more free,vibrant and self confident during laloo’s period.

Conversely, forwards were more and more defensive during that region. In fact, this is a most
remarkable and historical achievement of the region of Lalloo Prasad. Now there are more public
representative of forward caste.

(iii) Nitish has done historical blunder and setback to his own community by the formation of ‘Uuch Jati Aayog’, Which will study and suggest remedies for the further up wardness of forward caste of Muslim & Hindus. As word ‘Uuch Jati’ Itself explains their forwardness, than what is the need to provide them further & more facilities. It is open fact that these castes has already occupied & got more share than their population. Then the formation of this commission would led to further camplications. Another thing is that, by terming these caste as ‘Uuch’ Nitish Kumar has constitutional & legally justified their socially up wardness and at the same time socially backwardness of non-’Uuch’ caste is also justified. Thus, it has followed the trend of ‘Manusmiriti’ & ‘Bahiste Jewar’.

(iv) Scope, term and juridiction of this ‘aayog’ is more wide and large in comparision of Mahadalit, Aati Pichra, Pichra, Sc & ST Aayog. Why there is so much disparity, irrationality, equivoculness & baisness? We know that the work of Madalit & Aati Pichra Aayog is to see only the inclusion & exclusion of castes. Why their scope juridiction and area is not similar to this new by formed commission of Hindu-Muslims forwards?Nitish must has to answer about this double standardness?

(v) By the formation of this commission Nitish has deliberately or foolishly get trapped into the game of forwards, who advocates the basis of reseration to be economic condition but not social
condition. They had always intermixed caste with poverty to confuse Supereme court in his Mandal I judgement has clearly stated that the basic of reservation is, and should be, only historical-socially exclusion. Our constitution has also accepted the basis of reservation only to be caste not economic condition. How there could be two basis for same reservation?

(vi) Facilating blind support to the trinity of ‘Congress’- BJP-Communist’ on the matter of womens reservation Bill, he has also showed apathetic attitude of a ‘shudra’ C.M. to his own ‘shudras’& Dalits.

(vii) Nitish has never tried to follow the path of Tamil Nadu, Which has extended the limit of
reservation beyond 50%. Instead he always tout govt. of India to follow his path.

(viii) During the Laloo’s region posting in the areas of Backward, dalit and minorities was done on the basis of officers certain back ground. But this system is reversed by nitish govt. Due to which
vibrancy of upper, even in the areas of non-upper caste, has increased to manifold. Although
posting of officers on the basis of his social back ground is irrational, uncontitutional, unhumanistic but if the officers are not rational and humanistic by heart than it should be followed.

(ix) ‘Bataie-dar’ Bill is still in corner. Now Nitish has clear majority. So he should show his open
heartness to pass this bill and brought land reform, and which was the also duty of Laloo Prasad.

(x) He has provided reservation to BC-I in local election and also constructed hostel for BC-I. But why not for BC-II? Why he has forced this category to compete with general/forward castes?

(xi) Nitish is vehemently demanding special status to Bihar but whether he would answer that why he has done nothing when he was central minister in NDA Government. Why he didn’t forced Vajpayee Govt. to grant this status?

(xii) Uptill now he was saying that alliance with BJP is his political compulsion and necessity. Now he is able to stand alone, then why he is still taking support of BJP? Why he sitting along with a party whose very foundation is against the well-beings of minorities, Backward and Dalits? Why he did not going away from a party which is fascist, communal, destroyer of Babri Mosque, supporter Hitler, Godse & Dara Singh and is committed to destroy social-justice by the weapon of religions fanatism?

We know that Laloo and Nitish were the by-product of Mandal I but the forget their own people
and the result is now clear! Why Nitish is following the same path which was evident during the period of Mungari Lal commission (1977) by his clear opposition to this commission? Whether he is going to repeat the same history?


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