Darkness in India ?

In Memory of Sai Baba

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The 'immortal' remains of Sai Bab will be buried tomorrow. His followers and devout worshippers are crying and moaning that he had claimed he would die at the age of 96. Instead, he died at the age of 85. I think the devout Bhaktas are wrong as Sai did not claim anything which he was unable to do. Definitely, he knew about his day of death. I am sure, his father must have put his age in the school head master's record book, much below his actual age. That is why Sai is proved wrong. He must be 96 as he died. I can not be 85 as being informed to us. I believe in Sai. He did so many miracles which many street side Madari wallahs used to do. Many of our friends had already exposed his tricks. But, I suppose the biggest trick was his age. So, his devotees must not say that Sai will come back. He can not as he was required some where else. He did not die. Who says so. He will always be in the heart of his devotees. Don't you see how our country is moaning. Sachin is crying, Sunil Gavaskar is shocked, Amitabh is blogging, Manmohan and Sonia have grim faces, Andhra Pradesh government is not functioning. The country, it seems, have stopped functioning. The only thing that is happening is IPL. Cant these IPL wallahs, half of whom may be the devotees of Sai Baba, make an announcement to culminate the game and declare 'Deccan Chargers' as winner for this year, in memory of Sai.

All our celebraties are moaning but not ready to leave their penny for a year. Let them say that they would donate the whole years earning in memory of Sai. Ordinary devotees are crying, beating their chests as police is not allowing them. What will happen to them ? How will India move forward. India does not remain in darkness despite no electrity and no literacy but Sai's death has plunged the entire country into darkness. Are people able to see each other ? Oh, I see, the only light it seems is in the India TV and all other TV channles, who are doing their duty painstakingly for the whole day and night. India is in trouble. What to do ?

Adwani, Sonia, Sachin, Amitabh all are together in their sorrow. How great this unity is ? I think, it will not take much pursuasion for them to declare Sai Baba as Bharat Ratna. None will have any question. Sachin would be happy so would be Gavaskar, Advani, Togadia, Sonia and all others would always nod as Sai's greatness crosses all the barriers. All our bureacrats will be more than happy to clear the files. And president Pratibha Patil wont take much time in signing the recommendation from the Central cabinet. In many years, this will be the greatest unity in Parliament which is not running smoothly. All the political parties may pass a resolution to grant Sai Baba as Bharat Ratna as he fits into everything, a great spiritual leader, a magician who attracted every one, a social worker who provided water to even the athiests in Tamilnadu. One can see how Karnunanidhi is so sad. But is Karunanidhi sad because Sai provided water or because he was a backward community person. At least some backward was able to bring Brahmins, Banias, Goras, Kalas all together. How great it is that the Brahmanism in India is back to life with the greatness of Sai Baba. Ofcourse, backwards are already donning great seats there. After Sai baba we have other Babas ready to serve the Manu Smiriti.

Sai has gone. I have no intention to show disrespect to him. He deserve our respect but not the way these forces want us to do. We refuse to believe in all those miracles which he claimed. They remain hollow. India is a country where more than 75% of its population is still earning less than 1/2 dollar a day. We do not decent living for our people. We do not have electricity, petrol and food security. A majority of its poor live in abject poverty. Our state leaders have looted everything that we had. I know Sai can not do anything. He could not save himself. He had to die. But the myth that he created around him at the end is exposed. Those who thought tht he would die on his own are shocked. Those who thought he can not die are unable to believe. May be his ghost might haunt them. Who knows tomorrow, some of these deovotees claim that they have 'Sai's atma in them. And after that we all know how much money we have in india in these Bhoot Prets. The books published by Geeta Press would sale like hot cake. Hari om Sharan will resing hanuman chalisa and everything will be as usual as it is. People will achieve everything after going to Sai Samadhi. We will have annual Urs there and dignitries and celebraties will attend that. And India's problem will be solved there. We will only hear on TV who wore what. Who was accompanying whome and what was Priyanka Chopra wearing and so on. So, we will have a lot of work after wards at the Sai Ashram. Praveen Togadia has already warned government not to attempt intervening in Sai's property. Togadia know it well that government wont touch his property as Sai's ghost can come in the dreams of Man Mohan Singh to haunt him so none will touch. And the local Babus do not have the 'haisiyat' to count the money that Sai have. I can not count the numbers.. so many thousands crores.. Oh, difficult and mythological money like the myth of Sai. So, money will remain mysterious till a Julian Assange takes the challenge and try to count them.

In the meanwhile, the devotees can multifold the property by different ways. India is known to have deep respect for its leaders and spiritual leaders. We can start by acquiring several acres land in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore and Kolkata at the first phase to erect Sai Memorial. Other cities can follow later. It is important that Sai become a money spinning machine so that millions of job can be created for the new priests. Already, we have to think that astrology is a science as being claimed by the Vaidiks and we can not allow our brahmins to be out of job hence it is important that education must provide job to all. So, these new Sai institutions can create best funds for our new generations and imbibe brahmanical cultural values in our children so that we can wait for miracles in future too and remain far away from enlightenment.

As I am writing this, I get the news that Andhra Pradesh police has extended the deadline for 'antim darshan' of Sai Baba till late in the night. I am sure tomorrow they will complete the task of burrying him otherwise there might be problem. All of those who have not taken the antim darshan, should do it fast, as there is no space in the TV studios afterwards. They can not show all the time people crying and crying. A big event is waiting in London. And we all are ready to see our former colonial masters getting ready for the big bash. Each of the bhaktas would be keen to see Kate and the prince kissing each other at the Balcony of their Royal Palace. The same anchors will be smiling and talking about dignitries and celebraties albiet in a different way this time. And the show will go on..


Vidya Bhushan Rawat

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