After killing 4, they filed FIR against 4,000

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Patna: First their public road was sold to a private company which blocked it promptly. When they came out to protest against the blockage they were fired at. Four of them fell to the police bullets on 3rd June. Within hours, two FIRs were filed against 4,000 people. This is sheer terror tactic or maybe a bargain tactic or both.

The June 3 firing had already sent the poor villagers into shock and shell. They were hardly braving sun. But the FIRs against 4,000 unknown people have sent them helter skelter. They are in terrified.

In the FIR no 269/11, dated 3rd June the Block Statistics Officer Sunil Kumar Gupta had made accused 1000 people for arson and destruction of properties. The FIR says the mob attacked the premises and policemen with crude weapons.

It is interesting that police have not claimed to recover any arms and the video footage of the firing and dead bodies lying on the ground does not show any weapon near the bodies. Besides, a simple look at the houses in the village can give one clear idea of the heavy poverty in the area.

Another FIR has been filed from the Auro Sundaram International Company. In the FIR no 268/11 filed by Ashok Chaudhari, Director, Auro Sundaram International Company, on the same day, 3000 people have been made accused. They have been made accused of destroying the properties of the company. It is also alleged that they villagers put on fire several vehicles.

However, eyewitnesses and villagers say they did not entre the premise and the vehicles have been put on fire by the police themselves just to save themselves as they have killed innocent people.

It is interesting to note that Bhajanpur village is said to have just 850 voters. But the FIRs together have made accused against 4000 people. It means the entire village has been made accused in the case.


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