Forbesganj and anti Pasmanda Rhetoric

By: Mohammad Sajjad

More discomforting is the fact that none of us ask the non Pasmanda Muslim leaders to speak on Forbesganj, we only flog Ali Anwar Ansari who is presumably silent to extract the personal favour of yet another term in the Rajya Sabha. Why are those Muslim leaders silent who can win back the Muslims by speaking loud&tough against the NDA regime of Bihar? I must name some of them:Fatmi, Jabir of RJD; Qasmi, Shakil, Mehbub Qaisar of Congress, and of course the ilks of Salman Khurshid? Is it because there is no election in Bihar in recent future? Why are the AMUTA and JTA silent? Or is it because the Ashraf don't feel like speaking for Pasmanda? By the way the Pasmanda leaders like Noor Hasan Azad and his team have visited Forbesganj and have spoken unambiguously. And Rahul Gandhi will visit only Bhatta Parsaul as elections are ahead in UP.


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