Neglect, apathy follow Forbesganj victims

Neglect, apathy follow Forbesganj victims at PMCH

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Patna: “For two days, no one attended my child at PMCH (Patna Medical College & Hospital). Hopeless, I went to Imarat Shariah on 7th June and told them the entire story. Only after their pressure, the hospital administration came into action,” says Mohd Aley Rasool Ansari, father of 7-year-old Manzoor Ansari who was hit in the neck during the police firing in Forbesganj on 3rd June.

Manzoor is among nine who got injured in the firing. Three of them were referred to Patna by Purnia Subdivisional hospital on 5th June and since then they are being treated here. Other two are Raheena Khatoon and Raees Ansari. The Araria SDO and DM had sent them in ambulances and assured them of all facilities at Patna. They had assured them they would get all treatment free besides other facilities. But when TCN reached PMCH today all the victims and their family members had different story to tell even (8 days after they were admitted here.

They buy costly medicines and injections from market. From the hospital they get very few medicines of low cost. Doctors are not giving them special attention. No one from the government or political parties has come to see them. They have not got any compensation from the government so far.

Unfortunately, the apathy and neglect they faced at Purnia hospital has continued here as well.

7-year-old Manzoor Ansari was hit in the neck

Manzoor Ansari being treated in ICU at PMCH

“I took him to referral hospital in Forbesganj. After first aid they referred him to Purnia hospital where for several hours my son remained unattended. Kasba MLA Afaque Alam of Congress got information about it and he sent his party workers to the hospital. Only then my son was admitted in the emergency at 11 pm in the night and x-rayed,” recounts Aley Rasool Ansari who is also imam of the Bhajanpur village which saw the excessive use of police power. “We remained there for two days. Then the hospital referred us to Patna,” he adds.

“On 5th June, SDO and DM came to the Purnia hospital, they arranged two ambulances and sent us along with two other injured to Patna. They assured us of all facilities and help here as I told them I have no money to go there. For two days, on one attended my son at PMCH,” he says adding that only then he went to Imarat Shariah seeking their help.

After Imarat’s intervention, the PMCH authority came into action. He was admitted in ICU, x-rayed and got treatment accordingly. The doctors told him has touched his neck and damaged some nerves.

Regarding treatment at PMCH, he said: I get few medicines from the hospital. I have to buy the most from market. Doctors come once or twice a day.

About compensation, he said: No one from the government or political parties has come to see. I have not got any compensation from the government so far. The Imarat Shariah gave me Rs 2,000.”

Recalling the incident of 3rd June young Manzoor told TCN: “I had gone there to see the crowd when police opened fire. I was hit in the neck. I fell down and fainted.”

His father said: “I was offering Asr prayer when I heard sound of shots. When I came out I was informed my son was also shot by the police and was lying there.”

Raheena Khatoon: Bullet pierced her hand and killed her 6-month-old son

Raheena Khatoon being treated at PMCH

She was coming from hospital. Her six-month old son Sahil Ansari was in her lap. When she was entering her Bhajanpur village road, police bullet pierced her hand and entered her son’s stomach and waist. After 24 hours, the infant died in Purnia. She was referred to Patna.

“First we went to Forbesganj referral. They referred me and my son to Purnia. We got no treatment at Purnia. My son died in the night the same day (June 3),” says Raheena. She was referred to Patna on 5th June. “I was x-rayed. My hand is broken. The bullet had exited,” she adds.

She is not happy at the treatment at PMCH.

“Doctors come at their will. No timetable fixed. In last two days no doctor has come. I am not getting any facility here. I get few medicines from the hospital. I had to buy costly ones from the market. I lost so much blood in Forbesganj till I reached Purnia hospital in the evening on 3rd June. When they referred me here on 5th June, they said I will get good facilities here. I will also get blood. I feel so weak, but I have not got any blood here,” Raheena says.

“No one from the government has come, nor any compensation,” says Raheena’s mother with tears rolling down.

Raees Ansari: Bullet entered right side of the jaw and exited from left side

Raees Ansari being treated at PMCH

Raees Ansari is not able to speak. He can’t open mouth. He has lost all teeth as the police bullet hit his jaw. With his fingers he shows that bullet entered from one side of the jaw and exited from the other. He had gone there to look for a child of the family when he was hit.

His wife Najo Khatoon says: “I was at home. I did not see the fight. My husband had gone there to look for a young boy of the family when he was hit by police bullet.”

Ansari got first aid at Forbesganj hospital from where he was sent to Purnia and Purnia hospital referred him to Patna on 5th June. He has the same story. He did not get any proper or special care here.

“I got him x-rayed at private lab. He gets few medicines from the hospital, we have to buy the rest from the market,” says Khatoon.

Raees, like other injured, has also not got any compensation.


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