The A.M.U. has become once again the hot-bed of talking, as to who should be or going to be next Vice-Chancellor of A.M.U.

At the time of selection of Prof. P.K. Abdul Aziz, there was hardly any hue and cry and his selection was very smooth and there was hardly any controversy. The day he landed in A.M.U. Campus, however, from the very day, there happen to be serious corruption charges against him. I think, by now, we might have learnt some lessons from past experiences and observations and some new steps should be taken while selecting new V.C.

Scrutiny of Credentials:-

All those candidates, whose names are likely to be considered, their credentials must be thoroughly scrutinized, put on board to be seen by each and everyone and selection should be very transparent, open and in full glare of each one.

Conduct, Character and Integrity :-

The conduct and Character and integrity of candidate should be impeccable and who has unblemish track record, his past antecedents should be unimpeachable.

Deep roots in Aligarh :-

A candidate who has deep roots in Aligarh, i.e. belongs to Aligarh, or having his kith & kin, family members as staff in Aligarh preferably his credential should not be considered, reason being that he may get influenced/swayed/ may succumbed to pressure.

An Adiminstrator par Excellence :-

Any one, whose name is being considered for V.C. –ship, should be an able administrator who should not succumb to any pressure. He should be quite relatively young, dynaminc and who can work under adverse situation especially when University is in-turmoil and big crises.

He should not be an oldy and retired one because they generally stick to his chair and also succumb to pressure and don’t ready to relinquish post of V.C.-ship, howsoever he proves himself an utter failure. Such person (V.C.) makes many compromises just to keep himself in chair (Post) at the cost of community and A.M.U. interest.

Community interest Supreme :-

While picking/selecting a candidate, the A.M.U. Administration must see/peruse all the details/information about the prospective candidates, whether he should be able to look after the interest of students, community, A.M.U.- movement and of course, he should carry forward the Sir Syed mission- furtherance of Education among the Muslims Community.

Avoid Careerist/ Self Promoters :-

Since we have experience and found that, by and large, candidate (V.C.) use A.M.U. as plateform or stepping stone for promoting his cause/interest and thereby damaging the students and community interests. This is true, atleast for the last three decades, we have seen it.

Transparent Appointment :-

Appointment of V.C. of A.M.U. should be done transparently and in a participatory manner, he should not belong to a group or group of any other A.M.U. clans, so as to minimized the chances of the wrong sorts of person getting in or appointed as V.C. of A.M.U.

Finally, I would like to conclude that while selecting of V.C. the selection process should be open, transparent and accountable, which will decide the future fate of community for the next five years and hence A.M.U. V.C. should be one who should protect the interest of the student, A.M.U. community and play frontal role, so far as imparting of education among Muslim Community concerned.


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