Muslim and Christians must also get the SC Status

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Mumbai / 04 September 2012

Muslim and Christians must also get the SC Status

We welcome the decision of Reservation in Promotion for SCs and STs

In a recent development Cabinet has approved the Bill for Reservations for SCs and STs in Promotion. The bill has been tabled in Rajya Sabha today. There is good chance of getting this passed by Rajya Sabha and consequently by Lok Sabha. This amendment will give good opportunity to Dalits (Hindu, Sikh and Budh) in all government jobs.

Renowned Social Activist, Mr. Aamir Idrisi said that we welcome this step by Government of India but simultaneously demand from government to give the SC status to Muslim and Christian lower cast as well. He said that “We are fighting for Dalit Muslim rights for more than a decade and it’s a high time government must take positive action on this”

Aamir Idrisi, who is a National President of one of the very famous organization explained in detail that “It is noteworthy that from 1935 to 1950 all Dalits irrespective of their religion were provided with reservations. However, on January 26, 1950 when constitution of India came into force an order was passed by then president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad limiting the reservation to only Hindu Dalits, clearly prohibiting the provision of article 341 which states that all scheduled castes should be provided with reservation. The Presidential Order 1950 denies inclusion of Dalits of any community other than Hindu in the Scheduled Castes category. This order runs contrary to the provisions of Articles 14 (equality before the law), 15 (prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion) and 25 (freedom to profess and practice any religion) of the same Constitution.

The situation clearly calls for the amendment of the Constitution of India, only then the Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians can be included among the scheduled castes. If it happens, it would not be the first time. The relevant part of the Constitution containing the order has already been amended twice: first in 1956 and second in 1990. Through these amendments, Sikhs and Buddhists respectively were included in the Scheduled Caste category and thus they were allowed to avail the benefits of reservation. Hence Dalit muslims should also be provided with the benefit of reservations and other privileges as scheduled castes as the presidential order of 1950 is unconstitutional. The only reason why Dalit belonging to other communities are progressing is due to reservation where as the condition of Dalit Muslims is turning worse day by day in the lack of same. Atrocities against Dalit Muslim is continuing even today.

Maulana Irfan Aleemi, President of Aleemi Movement of India said that Dalit Muslims deserve scheduled caste reservation as they are not only engaged in the same profession as Dalit Hindus but also undergo the same social discrimination as their counterpart Dalit Hindus. The status of Dalit Muslims which include Nutt, Bakkho, Khatik, Bhatiyara, Kunjra, Dhunia, Kalal, Dafali, Halakhor, Dhobi, Gorkan, Meershikar, Rangrz, Darji, Mochis, Mukris and Garudis etc. is turning worse day by day.

Mr. Mohd Shahanshah Ansari who runs an online news portal for Dalit/Pasmanda Muslims, pointed towards Ranganath Mishra Commission Report which has also recommended SC status for Dalit Muslims. Keeping this recommendation in consideration Central Government should amend the self contrasting constitution and implement this recommendation without any further delay in interest of lakhs of discriminated and deprived people.

We hope that Union of India will take the objective of this case seriously and understand the suffering of all those 35 dalit Muslim castes among Muslims who are in no better condition than other Dalits and grant schedule caste status to this marginalized section of society.


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