Pasmanda Muslims question govt lax attitude in bringing Dalit Christians and Muslims under SC ambit

By Staff Reporter,
New Delhi: Pasmanda Muslims have questioned the government’s lax attitude in bringing Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims under Scheduled Caste ambit. In a meeting held in Delhi, All-India Jamiat-Ul-Hawareen members expressed displeasure at the absence of the Attorney General in a case pending since 2004 that led to the postponement of the proceedings.
A civil petition is pending for eight years in the Supreme Court from 2004 challenging the validity of a 1950 order, which in third paragraph says, “No person who professes a religion different from Hinduism shall be deemed to be a member of the Scheduled Caste.”

At least on eight earlier occasions the government had sought time from the Apex Court for replying, but has not submitted any response to the matter, delaying the issue. Petitions pending in the court have questioned the legal validity of the paragraph and demanded it to be scrapped.
Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims have been fighting the legal battle as well as mobilizing people in support of the cause. On many occasions they have staged protest together.
On February 18, 2013 Dalit Christian groups like Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), along with National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) and National Council for Dalit Christians (NCDC) launched a nationwide ‘one million post card campaign’ to be sent to the Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson for interventions.
Now All-India Jamiat-Ul-Hawareen has extended support to the movement and dispatched 100 post cards today.
National President of the All-India Jamiat-Ul-Hawareen, Hafiz Ahmed Hawareen said, “It appears that the government does not even care even about the Supreme Court of the country.” Extending his support to the ‘one million post card campaign’ he said that he will make sure that a million post cards reach the PM and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.
On March 21 they will decide future course of action in Bihar during their meeting of the All-India Jamiat-Ul-Hawareen.


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