Need to create political consciousness: Ali Anwar

By TCN News,
Hyderabad: Renowned parliamentarian and member of Rajya Sabha, Ali Anwar delivered a keynote Extension lecture, ‘Article 341: Discrimination against Muslims and Christians’ at the Maulana Azad National Urdu University today.
Speaking at the varsity, Mr Ali Anwar said that while the Constitution outlawed discrimination on the basis of religion, paragraph 3 of the Article 341, discriminated against Muslim and Christian Dalits, effectively keeping out Dalits in the two communities from any positive state action.

He pointed out that while the constitution doesn’t allow reservation in the name of religion, caste based reservation is a reality. Referring to the Ranganath Mishra Commission he elaborated that among its terms of references was to identity Dalits in other religions and communities and accommodate them with the scheme of reservation. The current reservation scheme discriminates between a Hindu dhobi and a Muslim dhobi, extending patronage to one and withholding it from another.
‘There are castes like Bhatiyaras, Gadheris, Jamadar that need to be accommodated within the schemes of reservation. Since Paragraph 3 was only an Executive Order, It can be deleted with an Executive Order, he added.


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