FMSA condemns removal of secretary of MAEF Mohd. Wazir Ansari, IPS/DGP

Aligarh 11-5-2014: Unceremonious marching orders to the secretary of Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF) indicate that hones and hard working officer have no place under UPA government said Prof. Razaullah Khan while presiding over a meeting of Forum for Muslim Studies & Analysis (FMSA), Aligarh on Media Centre Aligarh. He said that Union Minister Affairs Minister K. Rahman Khan was treating Mohd. Wazir Ansari, IPS, DGP a road block in pleasing his chosen few by giving contracts and so he removed him who is not only an honest officer but also was worthy for implementing UPA government policies. He recalled that Wazir Ansari not only got renovated dilapidated building of Foundation but had disbursed Rs. 183 crore across the country to uplift the minorities. He said that the act of UPA government should be condemned strongly.

Jasim Mohammad, secretary of FMSA said that the greatest achievement of Wazir Ansari was that he named the building of MAEF as Maulana Azad Bhawan. He pointed out that Wazir Ansari is a highly decorated IPS police officer of Chhattisgarh and if may not have pain for marginalized classes he may not have joined MAFE at all and may had contribution as Additional Director General of Police. But he preferred to serve the masses instead of cozy life. He said that K. Rahman Khan instead of respecting such an officer failed to show the minimum courtesy. Jasim Mohammad demanded that M. Wazir Ansari, IPS should be recalled as secretary of MAEF to speed up the welfare of minorities particularly Muslims.

AMU EC Member Dr. Mohammad Shahid said that plain truth is that K. Rahman Khan was trying to give benefits to his chosen people and NGOs and Wazir Ansari resisted that which angered Rahman Khan. He said such actions on personal egos are not fruitful to democracy at all.

N. Jamal Ansari said that earlier a noted educationist PA Inamdar was also removed by the Union Minister Affairs minister AR Antulay in the manner in which Wazir Ansari has been shown the doors. He said that minority affairs minister is not Zamindari of minster and the uncalled for actions of K. Rahman Khan must be taken seriously by UPA Chairperson.

In the end of meeting FMSA passed a regulation demanding that Mohd. Wazir Ansari should be called back respectfully as secretary of MAFE and Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh should call on expander of K. Rahman Khan.


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