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Indian Dalit Muslims' Voice (IDMV) was launched on July 22, 2008 to provide a platform to discuss issues concerning Indian Dalit Muslims. The idea is to call upon, engage and connect to fellow Indian Dalit Muslims in a constructive dialogue about issues dear to them ranging from social exclusion, caste-based discrimination, ethnicity, religious status, their progress from past till to date and in near future and hurdles on the path thereon.

To broaden the perspective on Indian Dalit Muslim’s rights and status by challenging the longstanding practice of unfairness and chauvinism. To overcome the ignorance in the knowledge pertaining to multidimensional issues of complex and patriarchy based Indian Muslim socio-cultural environment. To provide a definite and explicit voice to the Indian Dalit Muslims by articulating their concerns and distress towards restructuring their growth and development while synchronizing and maintaining a harmonious relationship with all other Indians. To establish a true and genuine Indian Dalit Muslims standpoint on various matters of concern on national front.

A piece of contribution from your side, will be highly appreciated. For any queries, regarding posting of articles relating to Indian Dalit Muslims on this blog, please contact on info@dalitmuslims.com.


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