Casteism Among Muslims

This page is compiled with a sole motive to expressively list down all the articles exclusively dealing with Dalit/Pasmanda Muslims under a single head. It is being done to help Pasmanda/Dalit writers and their well-wishers to study the subject deeply. This page will be updated periodically.

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1. PIL in Supreme Court for Dalit Muslims : By AMKS

2. Can there be a category called Dalit Muslims? : By Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed

3. Islam does not discriminate but Muslims do : By Shameem Ansari

4. Caste and Social Hierarchy Among Indian Muslims: M.A.Falahi (Interview)

5. Caste-based quota to Ajlafs will strengthen Muslim unity : By Naushad Ansari

6. Rethinking Pasmanda Movement : By Khalid Anis Ansari

7. A tale of two mosques : By Khalid Anis Ansari

8. Caste system among South Asian Muslims

9. Pasmanda Movement and the Question of Secularism

10. Social Stratification Among Muslims In India : By Salil Kader

11. Caste cracks in Muslim monolith : By Arun Srivastava

12. Muslim Dalit and OBC Conference: A Report : By Yoginder Sikand

13. The ‘Dalit Muslims’ And The All-India Backward Muslim Morcha : By Yoginder Sikand

14. Give reservation to Dalit Muslims

15. Caste System in India

16. Shame, Not In Doha But In India : By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

17. Islam and the Dalit Quest for Liberation in Contemporary India

18. Ali Anwar's Struggle : By Ali Anwar & Yoginder Sikand

19. Casteism in Pakistan : By Raza Rumi

20. Muslim Leadership is Saleable Commodities in India : By Yugal Yadav

21. Bihar Muslim-Dalit movement dying ? : By Irshadul Haque

22. DALIT, MUSLIMS AND DALIT : By Abdul Hannan


24. The Problem of Caste among Indian Muslims (Book Review) : By Ayub Khan

25. Dalit-Muslim Movement : By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari

26. Book Review: Hindustan Mein Zaat-Paat aur Musalman : By M.A. DELVI

26. A Paradigm Shift : By Seharworddin Khan

27. Dalits – Hindu or Muslim – are non-existent in Bihar Media: Study (By Pramod Ranjan)
28. Electoral Calculus and Dalit Muslims: Towards Shaping an Agenda : By IDMV

29. IDMV: Aims & Objectives : By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari


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